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10 reasons Mauritius is a favourite destination for honeymoons

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The wonderful weather with the white sand beaches and crystalline turquoise waters already make Mauritius one of the most desirable destinations for any newlywed couple seeking somewhere special to spend their honeymoon. But there is also so much more that makes this island paradise the ideal place to spend that first loved-up holiday together.

Here we look at ten of the best reasons why Mauritius is a favourite destination for honeymooning couples from all around the world.

1. Romantic Resorts

There are so many fabulous resorts around Mauritius that any couple on any budget will be spoiled for choice. The luxurious amenities are a perfect complement for honeymooners looking for a little slice of paradise to share with each other.

2. Eating Out

Most couples love eating out together and Mauritius is the perfect place to do just that. There are lots of traditional markets and quality street food vendors around the capital city of Port Louis, with many restaurants either in the city or along the sea front specialising in the local cuisine which consists of a blend of French and Asian foods.

3. Spectacular Sights

There are many unforgettable and frankly humbling sights to behold such as the old monasteries and temples (most of which have dress code rules if you want to enter them, so pay attention!).

4. Beach Hopping

There are so many beautiful beaches all around Mauritius that it is well worth booking a sojourn upon a catamaran to check them all out. Time it right for your visit to the Trou-aux-Biches beach for the best view of the sunset on the whole island.

5.  Swim with Dolphins

One of the most romantic things a newlywed couple can do together is share a once-in-a-lifetime experience (other than the wedding, hopefully!). Swimming with dolphins certainly qualifies as that but do make sure the tour operator abides by the Government’s official dolphin protection guidelines.

6. Stroll with Lions

Once you’ve swam with the dolphins, why not take a stroll with some lions at the Casela Nature and Leisure Park. As well as lion encounters, there are other safaris and some fun rides to enjoy too, including a zip line that lands you in the water by a waterfall!

7. See the Tamarind Falls

Talking of waterfalls, a visit to the Tamarind Falls is well worth the trek required to reach them. There are many other hiking experiences to be had around Mauritius too, but the sight of the highest waterfalls on the island is incredibly romantic and is a memory you will cherish together forever.

8. See the Seven Coloured Earths

Another interesting spectacle definitely worth visiting is the geological formation known as the Seven Coloured Earths. The sight consists of a series of sand dunes in a variety of distinctive hues, hence its name. Over the years it has become something of a major tourist attraction, but a honeymooning couple can still find themselves a special moment together in what is a genuinely unique part of the world.

9. Underwater Adventures

Why not leave the dry land behind for a few hours and descend into the sea to explore some of the beautiful coral reefs and marine life all along the coastline of the island? There are many snorkelling and diving schools along the coast, plus there is also the Solar Under Sea Walk which allows you to walk along the sea floor with a special helmet. Truly a memorable experience worth sharing together!

10. Relaxing Spas

After all that beach hopping, sight seeing, swimming with dolphins, walking with lions, hiking to waterfalls and eating some of the tastiest food in the world, why not lie back and relax together at one of the island’s excellent spas where you can be massaged and pampered until your heart’s content.

If you want to plan a very special honeymoon with lots of interesting and exciting activities, contact Mauritius Holiday Experts who can find you the top hotels and travel packages to ensure you make the most of what should, could and will be the most memorable holiday of your life.


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