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Mauritius FAQ’s

If you’re heading to the sun-kissed island of Mauritius, you’re likely to have plenty of questions you want answering about your forthcoming trip.

Take a look at some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about Mauritius, which will hopefully provide you with the answers you’re looking for about this special holiday destination.

What is the currency in Mauritius?

The currency is Mauritian Rupee (MUR).

Will I be able to exchange currency on the island?

It is generally not difficult to exchange local sterling, euros and US dollars for Mauritian Rupee on the island. There are also ATMs where you make cash withdrawals.

Will I be able to use my credit card on Mauritius?

Most of the hotels and many restaurants and shops accept credit cards for purchases. However, it is a good idea to carry cash with you for staff gratuities.

What is the exact location of Mauritius?

Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean, approximately 2,400 kilometres off the southeast coast of Africa.

Will I need a visa for Mauritius?

British citizens can acquire a visa on their arrival to Mauritius. The visa is usually valid for up to three months.

When is the best time of the year to travel to Mauritius?

With a mild tropical climate, you can visit Mauritius all year round. However, the peak season for tourism is from October to April, when the weather is typically hot, wet and humid. The low season runs from May to September, the cooler, drier months.

What language is spoken on Mauritius?

English is the official language on Mauritius. Creole and French are also widely spoken.

What is the minimum drinking age for alcohol?

You have to be 18 years and above to drink alcohol on Mauritius.

Is Wi-Fi available on the island?

Wi-Fi is available in most hotels and many restaurants and bars.

Can I use my mobile phone?

Roaming charges are high on Mauritius so to avoid getting a nasty bill when you get home it is advisable to purchase a local, pre-paid SIM card on your trip.

What are the crime rates like on the island?

Crime is low on Mauritius and the island is generally a safe country to travel to. However, like anywhere, petty crime does occur, so it is advisable to be cautious of pickpocketing and bag snatching and behave sensibly.

How can I get to Mauritius?

There are direct flights from the UK to Mauritius. British Airways and Air Mauritius both operate non-stop flights to the island. Direct flights take around 12 hours from the UK to Mauritius. Indirect flights are available with other airlines.

Is there plenty to see and do on the island?

Mauritius is a haven for fabulous things to do and see. Asides spending leisurely days on white-sand beaches, you can enjoy snorkelling and other water sports, eating out in quality restaurants, shopping in boutiques and souvenir shops, wandering around historic sites, such as Fort Adelaide and Government House, and that’s just for starters.

If you have any more questions about this magical, sun-drenched island, contact our friendly team of Mauritius holiday experts who will do their best to answer your queries.

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