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Mauritius weather


From November to May Mauritius swelters through a hot, wet and humid summer that sees daily averages sit at about 20° C to 28° C, and reaching into the 30’s once you are on the coast. The Central Plateau in the heart of the island sees temperatures that are slightly cooler than on the coast by a couple of degrees, which makes it a great region for hiking and exploring the once volcanically active region. Now the island boasts a wealth of interesting elevations of mountain ranges, waterfalls and cliffs to explore.


From May through until November Mauritius enjoys a warm, dry winter- while it is only slightly cooler the conditions aren’t as wet and humidity is slightly lower so it provides from a great winter escape. In saying this relative humidity is generally high throughout the year, particularly as you move into the centre of the island where daily average humidity sits over 90% across the whole year. The west coast of the island is generally the least humid where daily averages sit at about 75% to 80% throughout the year.

During winter the average maximum temperature can reach 30°C, while the minimum temperature ranges from 17°C to 20°C.

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