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Exploring Le Mont Brabant: A landmark summit on an exceptionally lush peninsula of Mauritius

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Le Monte Brabant is a stunningly beautiful peninsula situated at the extreme southwestern tip of Mauritius. The highest peak on this exceptionally lush and distinct peninsula is 556 metres above sea level. The summit covers a vast area of 30 acres.

Reaching the peaks of Le Monte Brabant is one of most memorable, rewarding and breath-takingly beautiful walks on the island of Mauritius.

Adding to the beauty and distinctiveness of Le Monte Brabant is the cobalt lagoon that surrounds the peninsula, which contrasts vividly to the emerald foliage that clings to this landmark summit. Cavernous and intriguing caves are carved into the peninsula’s steep slopes.

Augmenting the appeal of the mountain further, which has long been a popular tourist hub on Mauritius, is the fact that this distinct rocky structure is steeped in myths and legends.

In the early 1800s, it was believed Le Mont Brabant provided sanctuary for slaves who had fled persecution.

The story goes that in on February 1, 1835, following the abolition of slavery on Mauritius, police visited the peninsula to inform the runaway slaves they were now free. However, in sighting the police, the slaves are said to have fled to the summit of the mountain, fearing they were going to be arrested. Rather than be captured, the legend proclaims the slaves leapt off the top of the mountain to the perils of the ocean below.

Since 1987, February 1 has been celebrated by the creole community of Mauritius as the Annual Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery. This iconic peninsula acts as a symbol of freedom and hope and is visited by thousands of hikers each year who are keen on visiting the legendary site and witnessing the incredible views from the summit that overlook the island.

In 2008, Le Monte Brabant was awarded UNESCO status in recognition of the part the mountain played for slaves in the 19th century.

The summit of Le Monte Brabant has restricted access through the Le Monte Heritage Trust, as it now functions as a nature reserve. There is a path that leads to the more minor summit which is easy to follow. The walk is not too demanding though there are several steep and rocky parts. During the hotter seasons, an early start to the walk is advisable as much of the mountain is exposed to the sun.

The peninsula of Le Morne Brabant boasts its own micro-climate. One consequence of this unique micro-climate is that the mountain is home to endemic plants. Two rare plant on the peninsula’s steep rocky cliffs are the Boucle d’Oreille and the Mandrinette, an evergreen plant with vibrantly-coloured bright pink petals.

Another significance of Le Morne Brabant’s unique micro-climate is that the weather can change fairly quickly on the mountain, so, if you are hiking on the site, it’s advisable to be prepared for different climatic conditions.

This imposing rocky structure with its beguiling history and culture, is just one of the many inspiring walks and hikes the beautiful mountains, forests, rivers and meadows are home to.

Another stunning corner of the island to explore is the Black River Gorges National Park in the southwest of Mauritius. This vast and varied park spans approximately 2% of the island and is a wonderful place to become acquainted with Mauritius’ unique natural beauty.

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