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Five of the best beaches on Mauritius

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Whatever time of year you visit Mauritius, it’s often glorious and warm enough to enjoy some precious time on one of its famous beaches. Visitors to the island never forget the splendid sands, and there’s a very good reason for that.

The island boasts around 100 miles’ worth of shoreline, with different aspects of Mauritius offering different styles and variations – the eastern side offering soft, powder sand and cool, indigo-blue water; the west featuring locations to view deep golden sunsets over golden beaches. Head to the south for more rugged and weather-swept beaches with rougher seas.

With so many to choose from, you could spend weeks on Mauritius and still not see them all. Make sure you head towards some of the island’s finest choices to make the most of your time relaxing and sunning yourself in this spectacular place. Let’s look at the five best beaches:

  1. Trou aux Biches

Next to the little town of the same name, Trou aux Biches is on the northernmost coast of Mauritius. Not far from the strand are a number of popular and more exclusive hotels.

This beach is sandy, flat and incredibly beautiful – in fact, it was named the World Travel Group’s Leading Beach Destination in 2011. It’s especially popular with families due to the shallow, warm waters, but it’s loved by everyone for its rustic, classic feel and breathtaking view.

  1. Belle Mare Plage

Pristine white sands as far as the eye can see characterise Belle Mare Plage, whose 10km stretch means that anyone can find a calm and relaxing spot. The beach sits on the island’s east coast and is frequented by an exclusive set of holidayers looking for sun and sea.

Some choose to do watersports in the crystalline water, and some head to Belle Mare Plage for its diving – it’s near The Pass, a very popular spot.

  1. Flic en Flac

It’s thought this beach’s name comes from the Dutch meaning “free and flat”. This beach is lively and picturesque, and for good measure it’s popular with locals too, who visit on weekends.

It’s possible to stroll along the pretty, sandy shore and enjoy the views of Mauritius’ rugged inland and the pond-still waters that stretch as far as the eye can see. And don’t miss the opportunity to experience the West Coast sunset from here.

  1. Blue Bay Beach

Not far from Mahebourg in the island’s south-east, this beach is famous for its utterly amazing sapphire waters, disturbed only by a handful of boats sitting silently in it. During the week, this beach is almost deserted, making it a pristine paradise for couples and families.

It’s also home to an excellent marine park, where visitors can witness the exotic reefs and underwater views Mauritius boasts.

  1. Tamarin Beach

The Tamarin Beach offers quite wonderful views of the Black River mountain range, an imposing line of peaks further into the island. It’s pretty and peaceful, and split in two by the Tamarin river which can easily be traversed on foot.

Many are drawn to the beach for its resident dolphins, while others prefer to watch the wildlife from the soft sand on shore.

Dive into an exotic, tranquil world with a holiday to breathtaking Mauritius – which offers an experience for every traveller. Book your stay through the top operators at Mauritius Holiday Experts – we’ll find you the top hotels and travel packages.


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