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Island Hopping Around Mauritius

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There are nearly a hundred islets and rocks around the Mauritian coast, many of which can be visited during an island-hopping adventure around the mainland of Mauritius itself. While the mainland will always be the main attraction, a day or more spent exploring the surrounding islets can make your visit to Mauritius even more special.

Here we take a look at some of best islets you can visit off the coast of Mauritius.

Ile des Deux Cocos

This historical island is just off the south coast of Grand Port, and takes its name from the two abandoned coconut plantations located there. The plantations were originally created by the French, but they ultimately abandoned them after the crops were ruined during a particularly fierce storm in the eighteenth century.

Visitors here can expect breathtaking views surrounded by crystal clear water brimming with new corals and many colourful species of fish. There are also places to eat and stay overnight, with plenty of friendly local hospitality to enjoy.

Ile aux Aigrettes

This small island nature reserve can be accessed easily from Point Jerome between Mahebourg and Blue Bay. It lies two and a half kilometres off the coast and there are knowledgeable guides that will take you there and describe the many wonderful flora and fauna that populate the island.  

You can visit the islet’s plant nursery and take a wander through the ebony forest. As well as all the other wildlife, keep an eye out for giant tortoises wandering through the forest.

Ile aux Chats (Cat Island)

Another very small and uninhabited island lies to the south of the Rodrigues area in the Indian Ocean. It is surrounded by spectacular waters containing a coral reef and is a popular diving and snorkelling site. The area is popular with fishermen too, who can often be spotted barbequing some of their catch by the coast, and if you make arrangements in advance you too will be able to lunch on the beach.

Despite the name, the island is not populated by a massive colony of cats. You may spot a couple here or there, but it is the views and the food you will enjoy the most, along with the amazing diving and snorkelling experience.

Ile aux Cerfs

Located near the eastern coast of Mauritius, Ile aux Cerfs features a luxury golf course and other tourist-friendly attractions. You can access the island by catching the ferry from Trou d’Eau Douce, plus there are other boats and catamarans operating in the area that will take you there as well. This is one of the most popular of the surrounding islands and thus there are always many tourists visiting, especially at the weekends. Because of the high number of visitors, there are lots of merchants near the beach selling numerous souvenirs, clothing and handmade accessories.

The ocean around this islet is particularly shallow, which makes for a fun stroll through the water as you can often walk as far as a hundred metres out from the island without being completely submerged.

If you want to visit any of the surrounding islets around Mauritius, contact Mauritius Holiday Experts who can find you the best travel packages to ensure you make the most of what should, could and will be the most memorable holiday of your life.


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