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Mauritius celebrates its 50th year of independence

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In March this year, Mauritius celebrated its 50th year of independence. In typical fun, adventurous and flamboyant Mauritius style, the whole of the island rejoiced and celebrated with fireworks, parades, air shows, music, food, drink and entertainment.

This beautiful island in the Indian Ocean boasts a fascinating history, gaining independence on 12 March 1968. Mauritius was largely uninhabited until 1598. During the late 17th and early 18th centuries, Dutch settlers came to the island. In 1715, the French took formal possession of the island. Slaves from Mozambique, Madagascar and other parts of Africa, were brought to Mauritius during the latter half of the 1700s.

In 1810, during the Anglo-French War, the island was captured by the British and was renamed Mauritius. When slavery was abolished in 1834, labourers were recruited on Mauritius, predominantly from India, to work on the rapidly-expanding sugar industry. Indian labourers were joined by Chinese traders and the island’s population significantly increased.

The drive for independence stemmed from the labour movement and in the 1940s islanders campaigned for political power to be transferred to Mauritius. Mauritian politician, statesman and philanthropist, Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, led negotiations for political autonomy in the 1960s. On 12 March 1968, the island became an independent state and part of the Commonwealth.

50 years of independence

This March, islanders celebrated their independence with thousands attending a ceremony to mark its 50th year of independence. The colourful three-hour ceremony involved a spectacular air show, with Indian helicopters taking to the air flying above troops parading on the ground below, India’s president, Ram Nath Kovind, was designated as guest of honour at the ceremony.

The 50 years of independence party was a huge occasion on Mauritius, testament of the unique and proud heritage and culture the people of Mauritius cling on to.

It is this openness, friendliness and flamboyance of Mauritian culture that contributes to the island being one of the world’s leading holiday destinations. During the last decade, tourism on Mauritius has undergone dramatic growth, with the island pulling in around 1 million visitors a year.

Mauritius’s colourful history, which has shaped the island we know and love today, augments the touristic appeal of this Indian Ocean gem. Tourists from around the world are attracted to Mauritius’s unique landscape, comprising of breath-taking waterfalls, lush forests, dramatic mountain faces, and, perhaps most famously, ultra-soft white sand beaches framed with palm trees and lapped by cobalt lagoons.

People of all nationalities looking for a memorable and special holiday, flock to Mauritius and its many attractions. Asides soaking up the incredible scenery, visitors enjoy the island’s sub-tropical climate, meandering with friendly locals from multi-ethnic backgrounds and staying at top-quality accommodation with fabulous facilities and customer service.

If you are looking to stay in top-quality accommodation on this beautiful island, with its rich history, culture and heritage, The Mauritius Holiday Experts can find you the best offers on accommodation on Mauritius.   


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