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Swim with Dolphins in Mauritius

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Spending a day swimming with dolphins is an experience that will stay with you forever, and there are plenty of opportunities to do just that in the waters in and around Mauritius.

Whether you want to swim alongside dolphins, strap on a snorkel and dip under the water to be with them there, or simply observe them in their natural habitat from a nice dry deck aboard a boat, there is something for everyone who wants an up close and personal experience with one of the most enchanting creatures on earth.

But why is swimming with dolphins such an attractive experience that so many of us long for?

The Special Relationship Between Humans and Dolphins

Humans and dolphins have been interacting for a long time, with our frequent interactions often cited as a possible reason why dolphins usually exhibit friendly behaviour toward us. In fact, a form of community culture has been scientifically recognised and recorded in the behaviour of orcas – the largest member of the oceanic dolphin family – so learned behaviour is quite likely to be passed down throughout the generations of these highly intelligent animals.

We know that individual dolphins can definitely develop a favourable attachment toward humans. One instance is that of a bottlenose dolphin that people helped return to the sea after it became stranded on an Australian beach back in 2013. The same dolphin was subsequently spotted numerous times returning to the area and playfully approaching people swimming in the water.

Another example of a special interaction between humans and dolphins can be viewed on YouTube under the title ‘Wild Dolphin Asks Divers to Help Free Itself from Hook’. In the video a dolphin seeks and receives help from a scuba diver after its fin became entangled in some kind of hook with netting. The dolphin then waits patiently while the diver untangles the net.

There are also countless tales of dolphins saving divers, surfers and swimmers who find themselves in danger at sea. They often like to swim alongside our boats, and their special sensory perception means they can detect when female humans are pregnant with child, with the dolphins behaving notably more gently with pregnant women once they have detected the two heartbeats.

Ancient Artworks Depicting Dolphins

Our long interactive relationship with dolphins means we have been including them in extensive artworks for at least a few thousand years. One of the oldest surviving examples are the frescoes discovered in the ruins of the ancient city of Knossos on the island of Crete. They feature detailed depictions of dolphins among other images of people, land animals and mythological creatures. Knossos is considered by many scholars to be the oldest city in Europe, heavily populated for its time before it was abandoned toward the end of the Bronze Age around three thousand or so years ago, most probably because of an unrecorded disaster. The ruins left behind offer a fascinating insight into one of the ancient cultures of Europe, and one that was certainly fascinated with dolphins.

The Romans are another ancient people who created various depictions of dolphins in their artwork, though some of their creations are not particularly flattering. One Roman-era mosaic on the Greek island of Delos depicts their God of Love, Eros, riding a pair of giant and rather ugly dolphins with huge menacing yellow eyes, gnashing teeth and what appear to be pincer claw tails. The creator of the mosaic was probably exercising some artistic license there, we can probably presume.

Experience the Magic of Swimming with Dolphins

Considering this long history of our friendly interactions and dolphins’ genuine interest in humans, it really is no wonder that swimming with them speaks to us on a spiritual level. With the beautiful turquoise waters around Mauritius, there really is no better place to realise this particular dream.

If you want to enjoy a truly unforgettable experience by swimming with dolphins in Mauritius, contact Mauritius Holiday Experts who can find you the top hotels and travel packages to ensure you make the most of what should, could and will be the most memorable holiday of your life.


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