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The Spectacular Waterfalls of Mauritius

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There are several spectacular waterfalls on the island of Mauritius, each with their own peculiar beauty and charm. They are fantastic places to visit for a soothing and spiritually enriching experience, although there is plenty of adventurous fun to be had at many of the locations too.

Here is a rundown of what you can expect from the main waterfall sites on Mauritius.

Rochester Falls

The unique Rochester Falls are regarded as the widest waterfalls in Mauritius. The area they are located in is isolated and wild, with thick green vegetation lining the surrounding cliff edges. The bizarre rock formations in the area are almost as magnificent to behold as the falls themselves. As wild as the area is, it is still an ideal venue for picnics as well as swimming.

Chamarel Waterfalls

The 100-metre high Chamarel Waterfalls are the highest waterfalls found on Mauritius. They are surrounded by lush forest with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. The falls are located in the Black River Gorges National Park in the village of Chamarel in the south western region of the island, with another marvellous natural attraction called the Seven Coloured Earths near by.

Alexandra Falls

The Black River Gorges National Park is also home to the Alexandra Falls which are serenely enhanced by the surrounding flora and fauna indigenous to the area that really help you connect with nature. There are refreshments available close by at the Alexandra Falls Viewpoint, though there are also possibilities to get away from the crowd and seek out a more tranquil spot to take in the incredible view.

Grand River South East

The falls at the Grand River South East are a very popular natural attraction found at the south eastern coast of the island. A visit to these falls is often part of a trip to the Ile aux Cerfs, a beautiful privately owned island located in the largest lagoon on Mauritius. The scenery around the Grand River South East is spectacular, and is the primary habitat for the island’s monkey population.

Eureka Falls

The Eureka waterfalls enhance what is already a fantastic experience when visiting the colonial Eureka Mansion located south of Port Louis in the village of Moka. Enjoy the preserved antiquity of the mansion itself, wander around the tropical gardens and then explore the interesting (and challenging!) pathway that leads you down to the four separate falls that make up the intimate Eureka Falls.

Tamarind Falls

The Tamarind Falls are actually a series of seven main waterfalls in the Black River district, commonly referred to as the Sept Cascades. The area is ripe with wonderfully exotic plants indigenous to the island, as well as multiple beautiful bird species. For the more active visitors there are plenty of activities to keep you busy including basic hiking and the much more physically demanding canyoning. The calm pool at the foot of the falls is also available for swimming.

Exil Waterfalls

The Combo Forest in the far south of the island is where you will find the luxuriant Exil Waterfalls. The canyon that forms the falls is on the Savanna River which passes by the outskirts of the forest, which is home to many species of indigenous animals and plant life. There are lots of adventure activities to enjoy here, although a quiet and soothing experience can also be enjoyed by those who prefer a calmer existence.

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