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Things to do in Mauritius’ stunning Black River Gorges National Park

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Mauritius is blessed with diverse natural beauty but one of its particularly beguiling spots is the Black River Gorges National Park. This vast national park is located in Mauritius’s hilly south-western region. The area was given national park status in 1994.

Black River Gorges National Park covers an area of almost 70km2. Its landscape contrasts from humid and dense upland forests to marshy shrubland habitats and drier, lowland forests. Given the diversity of its landscape, Black River Gorges is awash with memorable things to do, to cater for all tastes, ages and aspirations.

Here are four fabulous activities that await you in Mauritius’ breathtakingly beautiful national park.

Visit the Tamarind Falls

For a particularly memorable day out in south-western Mauritius, head to Tamarind Falls, a series of waterfalls where translucent water cascades into pristine pools of water set within a flourishing emerald rainforest. Tamarind Falls are the highest waterfalls on the island and is a popular site for swimming, canoeing or simply relaxing and soaking up the incredible scenery that surround them.

Enjoy an incredible bird watching experience

If you enjoy bird watching, then you’ll be in for a treat in the Black River Gorges National Park. The area is home to many endangered species, including Mauritian Pink Pigeons, Echo Parakeets, and the famous Mauritius Kestrel. One of the simplest pleasures when visiting this beautiful national park is meandering down its networks of footpaths, stopping every now and again to look up at the trees to try and spot the island’s endemic birds.

So rare and varied are the birds in the Black River Gorges National Park that bird watching tours are a popular pastime, where bird watching enthusiasts walk around the area, looking out for endangered species with the help of a professional guide.

Climb the mighty Montage Cocotte

For those seeking to find some of the best views on Mauritius, then reaching the peak of the Montage Cocotte will be a scenic adventure to remember where you’ll be rewarded with the most spectacular of views.

This 771-metre-tall mountain is located in the Black River Gorges National Park. The mountain is carpeted in vegetation and the footpaths can be slippery after rainfall. Though when you reach the top, you’ll be met with the most stunning of views that stretch over the south of the island.

Take a trip to the Mare Longue Reservoir

There are many fantastic walks to be enjoyed in this region of Mauritius for hikers of all ages and abilities. Walking to the Mare Longue Reservoir is one hike that shouldn’t be missed. From the Pétrin Information Centre, the 12-kilometre walk takes you through a dense forest until you reach the stunning Mare Longue Reservoir, situated in the quieter norther tip of the national park. A trail runs around the banks of the reservoir and is a four-mile round trip.

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