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Three Miracles of Mauritius

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Mauritius is a place brimming with many natural miracles, including some of the finest beaches and scenery is the world. The island is also famous for being home to some legitimate religious miracles propounded by devotees of Catholicism and Hinduism.

Many pilgrimages are made to Mauritius by members of each faith and others who are simply seeking their own personal spiritual experience. Here are some details regarding the miracles of Mauritius…

Père Laval’s Shrine

There have been not one, but many miracles attributed to pilgrimages to the shrine of the Catholic missionary, Père Jacques-Désiré Laval.  The French priest died on the island in 1864 after spending 23 years there converting approximately 67,000 people to Christianity.

Laval’s beatification was completed in 1979 during a visit by Pope John Paul II, who also famously visited his shrine again in 1989. The beatification process was actually commenced many decades earlier and was initially proposed thanks to Laval’s apparent curing of acute eczema from the face and neck of a man in 1923. This healing was confirmed as a miracle shortly before his beatification was completed.

The anniversary of Laval’s death is on September 9th, and it attracts visitors from all over the world. So many in fact that the plaster effigy atop his tomb has been rubbed smooth by pilgrims seeking yet more miracles.

The Sacred Lake at Grand Bassin

The Grand Bassin is a lake formed out of a 50-ft deep crater sitting roughly 550 metres above sea level. It was discovered by a Hindu Pandit (teacher) called Jhummun Giri Gossagne Napal, who lived in a village located at the northern end of the island called Triolet.

The story goes that he dreamt of a holy lake which was connected to the sacred river Ganges in India, and this vision inspired him to seek out such a lake in real life. Upon encountering the Grand Bassin, Pandit Napal immediately recognised it from his dream. Word quickly spread of the divine nature of the lake and it soon became one of the most important Hindu pilgrimage sites outside of India.

There are many Hindu statues around the area, including one of Shiva that stands 33 metres tall and is the world’s third highest statue of the Hindu god.

The Mauritian Economic Miracle

Mauritius celebrated 50 years of independence last year, with its history prior to that consisting mostly of 100 years of French rule followed by 150 years of British rule. Due to the detrimental terms of trade negotiated by the British government and the island’s previous reliance on a single crop combined with their rapid population growth, many experts and academics had predicted that Mauritius would flounder under independence. However, the subsequent ‘Mauritian economic miracle’ would prove all of those predictions wrong.

Since 1968, Mauritius has gone from strength to strength and has emerged as one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the world. This unprecedented development is perhaps less to do with divine intervention and more to do with a number of intelligent economic strategies and effective policies that have greatly benefitted the Mauritian people, but it has been ascribed as a miracle all the same.

One of the primary instigators of this economic upturn is the structure of the government that benefits all members of Mauritian society. There is a financial safety net provided for the poor, while other vulnerable members of society receive free healthcare. Education is also free, for everybody.

This excellent governance intended to help and benefit all members of society has enabled the island to thrive while many other nations in similar situations have struggled in the aftermath of independence. All of this, of course, makes the Indian Ocean island an even more attractive destination. Here you can enjoy an idyllic paradise and witness a true melting pot of cultures that remain distinct from one another and yet also combine to create an enriching cultural experience utterly unique to the beautiful island of Mauritius.

If you want to behold the miracles and experience the rich cultural heritage of Mauritius, contact Mauritius Holiday Experts who can find you the top hotels and travel packages to ensure you make the most of what will be the most memorable holiday of your life.


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