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Three top trekking destinations on Mauritius

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If you love to hike and have a thirst for adventure, there couldn’t be a better destination than Mauritius – the shining star of the Indian Ocean. Each region of the island has its own unique, beautiful features and the views all around from its many peaks are utterly breathtaking.

Mauritius has it all to offer for lovers of the outdoors – and that includes beaches, jungle, wildlife, rivers and waterfalls. It is surrounded by a ring of mountains originally created by volcanic action millions of years ago, creating a rugged and unforgettable landscape that can be enjoyed from a range of vantage points.

During your hike around the island, and up and down its most famous peaks, there’s a good chance you’ll spot its amazing indigenous wildlife. Mauritius boasts a huge range of endemic species, with almost half of its native plant life not being found anywhere else, and unique animal species including seven species of butterfly, geckos, and the Mauritius grey white-eye.

Let’s consider some of the most beautiful and exciting locations you can explore while on the wonderful island:

Black River Gorges

This national park covers around 2% of the island’s total size and is situated in Mauritius’s southwest. Within the park, there are a range of popular and less well-known hikes, including through one of the world’s rarest forests.

Many visitors hoping to get the best flavour of the island choose to walk the Macchabée Trail, which stretches to around 10 kilometres of rolling hills and forests, and reaches a wonderful picturesque outcrop at the Macchabée Viewpoint. From here, explorers can see out towards Rempart Mountain and Corps de Garde, as well as the azure ocean and many amazing native birds wheeling and soaring in the distance.

Lion Mountain

The top of the plateau that makes up the “head” of the lion overlooks Mauritius’s southeast, the Mahebourg bay and lagoon. It’s possible to hike up along the Lion Mountain’s ridge, before reaching the head from which hikers can see exquisite coastal views and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

To take the route that takes you up to the top of the lion’s head and back down, you’ll start and end at the gorgeous coast. You’ll get the chance to see some of the island’s vibrant flora as well as the reward of reaching the summit and enjoying the unmissable sights.

Chamarel Waterfall

The highest waterfall on the island is a strikingly beautiful point on Mauritius. From 80 metres up, the waterfall cascades into clear waters below, and is a special place to spend time, witnessing the unspoilt beauty of the area.

Once you’ve reached the clearing after a fascinating and enjoyable walk, you can take a dip in the wonderful waters or just enjoy the cool air, picnic and relax. The sounds and sights are something you won’t find elsewhere on the island, or indeed anywhere else in the world. Trekking to Chamarel Waterfall is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

A journey to the untouched isle of Mauritius, with its blue skies and clear waters, will leave you rejuvenated and restored. Come to the Mauritius Holiday Experts for the finest hotels, wedding planning or honeymoon packages.


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