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Tourism in Mauritius is booming, report shows

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Tourism in the beautiful island of Mauritius is healthy and strong. This was the finding of a recent report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), which found that out of the five countries reviewed – South Africa, Mauritius, Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya – Mauritius has the strongest tourism outlook.

PwC’s ‘Hotels Outlook: 2018 – 2022’ report reveals that Mauritius has had the most robust hotel market out of the nations reviewed for several years.

In 2017, hotels on this paradisiacal Indian Ocean island reported a 12.7% increase in room revenue. Since 2014, hotels in Mauritius have enjoyed a cumulative growth of 38%.

Since 2014, the number of tourists choosing Mauritius as their holiday destination has continued to rise, with the strongest growth coming from the European market, particularly from France, which equated to 20% of tourists visiting Mauritius in recent years. Visitors from the United Kingdom and Germany also top the list.

Holidaymakers from North American and Asia-Pacific are also increasingly attracted to Mauritius’ white sandy shores, with the number of tourists visiting Mauritius from these regions increasing between 2017 and 2018.

With a rise in gross domestic product (GDP) of 3.8% during the last two years, PwC’s report also noted the island’s sustained economy.

PwC pins much of Mauritius’ tourism success on increased flights to the island from Africa. In June 2018, Air Mauritius and Kenya Airways extended their flight arrangements to the island, with Kenya Airways announcing new routes to Mauritius.

With tourism at an all-time high on this idyllic Indian Ocean island, Mauritius leads the hotel occupancy rates list. According to PwC, since 2017, hotel occupancy on Mauritius has been above 75% and is forecast to rise to almost 80% by 2022.

Talking about the buoyant hotel industry in general in Africa, PwC states:

“Africa’s hotel sector has the potential for further growth over the next five years. An increase in the number of foreign and domestic travellers, as well as expansion in a number of hotel chains on the continent reinforces the hotel sector’s untapped potential for business growth.”

The enduring tourist lure of Mauritius needs little explanation. The island’s picturesque beaches lapped by calm, translucent water and framed with dense thickets of palm trees, is just one of many reasons why Mauritius continues to be a leading tourist destination, not just in Africa, but around the world.

Year-round sunshine and beautiful blue skies that provide stunning views of the dramatic mountains in the island’s interior and vistas that stretch across the Indian Ocean, is another enticing feature of Mauritius that appeals to tourists on a global scale.

The multiculturalism of Mauritius augments the island’s unique appeal, with French, Creole, English, Chinese, Indian and South African inhabitants making up the island’s rich, varied and incredibly friendly population and culture.

Asides lazing the days away on white-sand beaches and bathing in turquoise lagoons, Mauritius is awash with a wealth of invigorating and memorable land-based activities, including mountain biking, cycling and hiking.

With so much to do and see, being home to a year-round enviable climate, simply breath-taking scenery, not to mention welcoming locals from a host of cultures and backgrounds, we can’t say we are surprised to learn that tourism in Mauritius is booming.

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