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Why Mauritius is a fabulous family holiday destination

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The white-sand, sun-kissed and luxury island of Mauritius may be justifiably popular amongst the rich and famous but it’s not just celebrities and the super-rich that visit this enchanting island in the Indian Ocean. On the contrary, with so much to see and do, families flock to Mauritius all year round.

This beautiful volcanic island is a fantastic holiday destination for families, attracting millions of visitors of all ages and nationalities to its pristine shores every year.

So, what exactly makes Mauritius such a family orientated and friendly holiday destination?

Plenty of memorable things to do with children

There’s a whole host of magical and memorable things to do for youngsters that will keep every family member entertained for the duration of the holiday.

Such activities include exploring the fascinating underwater world Mauritius’ coast is home to in a Blue Safari Submarine. Or for an equally memorable land-based excursion visit the Vanilla Crocodile Park to the south of the island. This lush jungle is home to giant turtles, monkey, bats and, you guessed it, crocodiles.

For older children, hours of fun are to be had at the Zipline Tour, which is also the south of the island. This 500-metre zipline provides an adrenaline-pumping journey over the dense, emerald landscape Mauritius is world-renowned for.

More sea life fun can be found at the Solar Under Sea Walk, where children ages five and over walk underwater with special headgear and feed the many exotic breeds of fish, including zebra fish.

Hours of family fun is also there to be enjoyed in Mauritius’ exciting capital of Port Louis, meandering round the charismatic streets and soaking up the fabulous cultural diversity the buzzing city is home to.

Friendly locals

As renowned as Mauritius is for its beautiful and unique landscape, it is for its friendly locals, who simply adore children. The people of Mauritius are known for their hospitality, warmth and genuine smiles, and tourists are always made to feel at home on the island. Such family-friendly and warm hospitability is naturally welcomed by families travelling with children.

Diverse cuisine to suit all tastes

Going on holiday with fussy eaters can prove problematic, especially when in exotic lands where youngsters can tend to snub the local cuisine.

Being a blend of European, Chinese and Indian-influenced cuisine, it’s not difficult to cater for the different family tastes on Mauritius. Family-friendly restaurants serving a diverse range of dishes from around the world can be found across the whole of the island, satisfying the tastes of toddlers right through to stubborn teenagers!

Fabulous, family-orientated accommodation

Another reason this Indian Ocean island is a popular choice for families is because of the huge selection of top-quality, family-friendly accommodation on offer across Mauritius.

It’s not difficult to find an affordable hotel with a strong family ethos, or a fabulous self-catering apartment to cater for a large family on this incredible island.

If you are looking for family-friendly accommodation on Mauritius, for an affordable price, let the Mauritius Holiday Experts find the perfect base to suit all your family’s holiday requirements and aspirations.


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