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Why Mauritius is hailed as a world’s leading stargazing destination

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There’s nothing quite as romantic and memorable than staring at the night sky watching the bright formations of the galaxy twinkle above. With no light pollution to hinder the intensity of the stars, the clear night sky of Mauritius is one of the best places to witness the fascinating constellations of the Southern Hemisphere and enjoy a pheromonal stargazing experience.

Void of the glare of street lamps and illumination from buildings, the beautiful, powder-white beaches that Mauritius is blessed with make the perfect spot to watch the Southern Hemisphere’s unique light show unfold in pitch black surroundings.

Designed to make the most of the incredible stargazing opportunities, ‘Paradise Island’ offers a series of eco-friendly bubble rooms. These transparent eco-friendly bubbles are located on a tea plantation amid beautiful natural surroundings of dense jungles, jagged mountains and a shimmering lake.

These “dreaming bubbles” were created by French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas. An astronomer is even on hand at these luxury stargazing pods to identify constellations, such as the Southern Cross, the Milky Way and Pegasus.

Such is the unrivalled beauty of the island’s galactic night sky, that Mauritius has long attracted astronomers and stargazing enthusiasts to its shores.

In 1753, astronomer Abbe de la Caille, passed through Mauritius where he spent nine months carrying out astronomical observations. Abbe de la Caille’s work is continued on Mauritius today, where astronomers conduct research designed to reveal the mysteries of our universe.

Such is the island’s prevalence as a leading astronomy destination that it played host to initiating the first radio interferometer in Africa, the Mauritius Radio Telescope. The radio interferometer project has been operational on Mauritius since the early 1990s. In 2004, the project won a NASA award as recognition for its excellence in discovery and education.

Asides becoming acquainted with the island’s important astronomy history and heritage and gazing up at the incredible starry skies witnessing distinct star constellations without the obtrusive glare of light pollution, Mauritius plays host to many exciting activities unique to this beautiful island.

Being encircled almost entirely by a coral reef, Mauritius is an unmatchable snorkelling destination. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to breath-takingly beautiful snorkelling spots on Mauritius.

One of the best places for beginners to snorkelling is Blue Bay Marine Park, in the southeast corner of the island. The water is shallow here, just 5 to 6 metres deep, meaning you can swim with confidence amongst the damselfish, angel fish, clownfish, parrotfish, sea grasses, corals and many other fascinating marine life.

With warm water and reliable winds, this tiny island is a haven for windsurfers. Mauritius is also a great place to learn how to windsurf or for amateurs to hone up their skills. Surrounded by a reef which is 600 metres off the beach, the shallow water of Le Morne lagoon is a fantastic spot to learn how to windsurf.

From stargazing at the night sky in a ‘dreaming bubble’, to swimming within an underground world bursting with colour and life, the beguiling island of Mauritius, really does provide a taste of paradise.

If you are looking to stay in top-quality accommodation to explore all the wondrous sites this special island is home to, The Mauritius Holiday Experts can find the right place for you and your party to stay at the right price.


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