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Why Mauritius makes the perfect white-beach wedding

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With the waves crashing against the sand, the sun soaring over head and the tranquil sound of the breeze, sea and surf, it’s hardly surprising why couples opt to get married on a romantic beach is some exotic part of the world.

Not only does a beautiful beach in a far-out destination provide an idyllic location for an incredibly romantic and unforgettable wedding, but beach weddings are also easy to set up, often requiring less planning than more traditional weddings.

With less planning involved, beach weddings can eliminate much of the stress and panic involved with organising a wedding.

The biggest decision couples need to make when arranging a beach wedding is which beach to tie the knot on.

This is when the sun-drenched, hospitable, friendly, scenically and culturally diverse island of Mauritius can step in.

Mauritius is a simply stunning island that brags a periphery of white-sand beaches, fringed with lofty palm trees and caressed by cobalt water that’s crying out to be bathed in and explored. Such is the immense and unrivalled beauty of this small island in the Indian Ocean that it is a justifiably popular destination for couples from around the world wanting to tie to knot in the most memorable and magical of environments.

You’ve decided on Mauritius as your wedding destination, now all you’ve got to do is to choose which beach to say “I do” on, and with a 160km-peripheryof parafiscal beaches encircled by an incredible coral reef, such a decision won’t be easy!

North, East, South or West?

Heading to the north of the island will bring you to the greatest concentration and variety of beaches, many of which are small, sheltered coves shaded by pretty casuarina trees. Here the beaches are renowned for their powder-white sand, which shelves gently into crystal clear water.

If you’re dreaming of an impressive sunset to accompany your beach wedding, you may want to head to the west of the island, where the beaches take on a more golden glow, their vibrancy intensified by the incredible sunsets this part of Mauritius enjoys.

For a wilder beach wedding scene where waves crash invigoratingly against the crocks, the sandy stretches on the wilder south side of the island might be more suitable for couples seeking a more exhilarating coastal environment on their big day.

Accommodation to take care of your every quim

As well as being home to breath-taking natural beauty and some of the most romantic and idyllic beaches in the world, Mauritius is scattered in top-quality hotels and accommodation that will cater for your every wedding quim.

The hotels on Mauritius are renowned for their excellent customer service and first-rate facilities, including spas and saunas, swimming pools, roof-top terraces and much more.

Beachside accommodation is available, meaning you and your guests won’t have far to travel far for the beautiful ceremony of the soft white sand.

Being an island blessed with intense natural beauty, much of the accommodation on Mauritius boasts remarkable seascape, forest or mountain views – perfect for those romantic night as newlyweds.

If you’re thinking about tying the knot on a beautiful beach on Mauritius, the Mauritius Holiday Experts can find you the best deals for your perfect wedding on one of the most beautiful and romantic parts of the world. Get in touch with the Mauritius Holiday Experts and let us put you on the road to achieving your dream wedding in paradise. 


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