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Why the wild Mauritius coast is hailed as a real taste of paradise

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Mauritius deservedly has a reputation as one of the loveliest luxury holiday destinations in the world. The seemingly endless beaches and clear waters are well complemented by magnificent resorts and unforgettable sights. The island is also renowned for a vibrant and diverse native culture, meaning this paradise in the Indian ocean has something for everyone from family fun to romantic getaways.

Located approximately 1200 miles off the south-east African coastline and directly east of Madagascar, Mauritius makes up one third of the Mascarene Islands, along with the islands of Réunion and Rodrigues. There are many luxury hotels dotted along the beaches, but there is also a whole lot of fun to be had further inland too.

Here we take a closer look at why the wild Mauritius coast is hailed as a real taste of paradise…

Picture Perfect Beaches

When you think of paradise, there is usually a white sand beach in there somewhere and Mauritius does white sand beaches better than any other place on earth. Coconut palm trees fringe the pristine shorelines surrounded by warm, crystalline turquoise waters that are an absolute delight to swim in.

You can seek out undisturbed stretches of beach to enjoy all by yourself or hang out by one of the thatched hut bars on a recliner while sipping a cocktail along with other sun worshippers.

For the more adventurous souls there are plenty of volcanic rock pools along the Mauritian coast to seek out and explore. Just make sure you have somewhere comfortable to relax and enjoy the stunning sunsets that this island paradise enjoys every single evening.

Exciting Water Sports Fun

Exploring rock pools isn’t the only beach-based fun for the more adventurous holiday maker thanks to the litany of exciting water sports and activities that can be enjoyed as well. The shoreline of Mauritius is home to incredible coral reefs with an abundance of marine wildlife to see, and there are plenty of snorkelling and diving schools ready to help you make the very most of your underwater adventure.

Alternatively, if you would like a peep beneath the water without actually going down there yourself then there are lots of glass-bottomed boat expeditions you can join.

There is also quite a lot to get the hearts of thrill seekers pumping pretty fast, with water sport activities including water-skiing, parasailing, windsurfing and kayaking. If those are a bit too much for you then you can hire a paddle boat to enjoy a more leisurely time on the water.

Vibrant Island Culture

Away from the beach the island of Mauritius only gets more interesting. There are many official tours and exciting excursions to choose from, such as a journey through the impressive sugarcane fields or hikes along nature trails that take you up to heights where you can practically see the whole island spread out before you.

Of course, no trip to Mauritius would be complete without a visit to the capital city, Port Louis. Known for its French colonial architecture, the city’s culture is diverse and features many artistic attractions and festivals. Time your visit right and you will experience the likes of street performances as well as creative installations and even artistic light projections and free concerts.

There are lots of culinary stalls dotted around the city offering locally produced food and snacks that blend the Indian and French cuisines that the island is renowned for. Also expect plenty of seafood and tropical fruit treats, as well as some of the world’s finest rum made from the local sugarcane.

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